FAQs about DUIs & insurance

1.  Am I required to report a DUI to my insurance company?

Absolutely not.

2. If I don’t have to report my DUI to my insurance company, how can they (and will they) find out about it?

California insurance companies have two ways to find out about your DUI.

The first way is if/ when your insurance coverage is renewed or if/when you request new coverage, insurance companies may run a check of your DMV record.  If they do check your record, they will learn about your DUI.  Convictions for DUIs stay as public record for 10 years.  Wet reckless convictions stay only for seven years as public record.

The second way is when you need an SR-22. If you contact your own insurance company and request an SR-22, you SELF REPORT a DUI.  Instead, apply for your SR-22 through WELLIKEY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC, an INDEPENDENT insurance broker.  Because Wellikey is an INDEPENDENT broker, they do not report your DUI to your insurance company.  Call Wellikey at (888) 822-6866, license 0I16830 Cal Dept Insurance.

3.  If my premiums go up, by how much will they increase?

Rates are not based only on convictions.  They include age, gender, marital status, location of residence, annual miles driven, number of years of driving experience, AND driving record.

If a person is convicted of a DUI, then the person loses his/her “Good Driver’s Discount” for 10 years.  If a person is convicted of a “wet reckless,” then he/she loses his “Good Driver’s Discount” for seven years.  Since the discount is at least 20%, the increase in premium will be at least 20%.  In addition, if you are required to obtain and maintain an SR-22 on file with the DMV for three years, you will have to pay for the SR-22.

Even though a DUI or wet reckless conviction can cause you to be perceived as a greater risk to an insurance company, rates will still vary considerably between companies.  That is why you should contact the insurance professionals at Wellikey Insurance Agency, Inc.  We can find the best coverage at the best rates for you.

Once you are eligible to receive a “good driver” discount, which is ten years after a DUI conviction and seven years after a wet reckless conviction, the DMV will automatically remove the conviction from your public record.  Then you should be eligible for a “Good Driver’s Discount”, if you meet the other criteria!