How DUIs cause loss of “Good Drivers Discount”

If you have been arrested for a DUI, a conviction for a DUI will jeopardize your “Good Driver’s Discount.”

But before discussing how a DUI can affect a good driver’s discount, what is a “good driver” and how much is a “good driver discount”?

The criteria for a “good driver” are the same for all insurance companies. The California Insurance Code sets forth what the requirements for a “good driver”:

1.  Years of driving experience: the person must have been licensed to drive a motor vehicle for the last (previous) three years.  If the person acquired his/her license in another country, the person must have been driving in the United States or Canada for the last 18 months to qualify for the “Good Driver Discount.”

2.  Driving record: the person must have

A.  No more than one minor violation in the last three years

B.  No at fault accidents that resulted in any bodily injury (even minor) or death in the last three      years

C.  No more than one dismissal of a traffic citation in the last three years; and,

D. No DUI in the last ten years (emphasis added).

(Code of Insurance, Section 1861.025)

Any person who qualifies for a “Good Driver Discount” is entitled to receive a discount of at least 20% below the rate the insured would have otherwise be charged for the same coverage.

A DUI conviction can not only cause the loss of this 20% discount for 10 years, but a substantial increase in your insurance rates as well!